Winter Running Gear Guide

Winter Running Gear Guide

My most favourite piece of my running outfit is my balaclava.   I got this a while ago from my brother to use when snowboarding but one winter blustery ice rainy day I realized that hat could be a great addition to my winter running gear.  It’s stayed with me since.  It is important to purchase a good balaclava for running to protect the face from the cold wind and maintain warmth.   There is a lot of moisture that gets into the hat from the sweat you generate.  Accumulation of your body heat plus your breathing mixed with the outside elements gets you one frozen mouth piece.  So usually when I complete my runs, my balaclava would literally be a block of ice, well my Balaclava is a fleece one.  SO in saying that, I would recommend if you live in a really cold climate to invest in a good balaclava.   One that wicks away the moisture, warm but not too heavy, allows you to breathe freely and not fleece.

Dryline BalaClava is from the Running Room.  It provides great protection against the elements.  You can wear sunglasses or a visor underneath the balaclava. It also fits close to your skin, has mesh area for your mouth so you can breath and the hot air doesn’t get trapped in your hat.  This will keep you warm when running in the winter.

Dryline Headband from the Running Room is if you’re not into the full head coverage.   This headband will draw perspiration from your skin to the garment surface, keepingyou warm and dry while running.  This covers your forehead, ears and back of your head.

I would get the Windpro Bandana to combine with the Dryline Headband to protect your neck, chin and from getting chapped lips.

Remember to take your balaclava off before you walk into any store, they might think you are there for other purposes besides getting a refreshing drink……Speaking from experience….

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